Rice Cooker Pudding

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Use a rice cooker to help your child learn to cook independently in the kitchen without a stove!

My 7-year-old daughter loves to cook and has been absolutely begging me to make her rice pudding.  She's the perfect age to start making things according to a recipe without a lot of help from me.  But I am not ready to turn the stove over to her.  

Folks--make way for a brand new way of making rice pudding!

I decided to experiment with the rice cooker in our quest for rice pudding and I'm so glad we did!  Now, she can be in charge of the whole dish without needing to turn the stove on.

If you don't have a rice cooker, let me be the first to tell you that I never thought I'd want one or need one.  I am actually a minimalist in the kitchen and don't like to rely on too many gadgets.  When we got one as a wedding present, for whatever reason, we kept it even though we lived in a 600 Square foot house, with a kitchen the size of a shoe box.

But boy, it is 16 years old now and still running strong!  I use it for rice, yes, when the hubby makes us sushi (yep, spoiled!).  But I now also use it for steaming vegetables and this latest attempt with rice pudding has sealed the deal:  the rice cooker is now more important to me than donuts.  And that is really saying something.  

Here is what we did:


Rice Cooker Pudding

1 Cup Rice
2 Cups Water
4 Cups Cream or Milk
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 Cup (more or less to taste) dark brown sugar
raisins (optional)


Rinse the cup of rice and then placed it into the rice cooker.  Add the water.  Press Start.  Wait about 20 minutes for rice to finish cooking.

When the rice is finished, fluff with a spoon.  Place the cream, spices, vanilla and sugar into the rice mixture.  

(Don't forget to talk about ratios while you add the rice, water and milk.  If there ever was a perfect recipe to talk ratios, this one is it!)

If you would like to add dried fruit, such as raisins, add them right now. (I think orange zest would be super amazing!) Stir.  Close lid and press start again. 

Allow to cook once again.  Keep an eye on it.  You may want to peek in once or twice to make sure it isn't boiling over.  Pan will be hot, so hand your kid an oven mitt or help him with this step.  

When the cooker has finished, open lid, remove heat and fluff again.  Place in bowls and wait until they cool a bit, around 20 minutes.  Top with sliced almonds if desired.  

The child who gets to experiment in the kitchen is a happy one!