Robot Creations

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Do you need a fantastic birthday party activity?

Do do you need a super fun Art and Science activity to do with your kids?  

Do your kids like to build or invent?  Do they like to work with their hands?

I have just the activity for you!

My husband's garage is like a wonderland of spare metal parts, switches, tools, connectors, doodads, etc.  He had a huge box of spare parts that he was very reluctant to give away.  He knew that once he did give it away, he would need it!  He has a very hard time wasting things.  

My daughter LOVES all things Science, inventions, and building and was about to turn 8-years-old.  She wanted to make robots.  I've been trying to make birthday parties less stressful for the party planner (me!), so I decided to make use of my hubby's parts, after I saw this robot activity here.

I spent one single afternoon hot-gluing round, strong magnets onto the backside of each spare part, and placed them back in the box.  Then, I saved up extra large aluminum cans, after opening them with a safety-edge can opener.  The best containers for this project were the wide soup cans, and the large vegetable juice cans.  I stripped them of their labels, washed them, and had them ready for the party.  When it was time to create our robots, every child got to choose their preferred size of can.  

Then, they had a blast placing the magnetic parts on their can, stepping back to scrutinize their choices, then swapping parts out, then scrutinizing some more...etc.  It was the most hands-off (for parents), hands-on (for kids) party activity ever!  Each kid got to take home their own robot.  Months later, when fair time rolled around, I helped the girls permanently glue on their parts and they entered them into the fair under the "recycled projects" category.  

So next time you want to toss those extra parts, think again!  Make robots!