Signature Bugs Symmetry Art Project

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These fun Signature Symmetry Bugs are sure to send your kids running home to make them for all the members of the family!  These bugs are so much fun because they turn out differently based upon your name and your own unique handwriting style! Plus, it's a great way to teach about symmetry. 

Students should try to take up the entire paper with their name.  If their name is incredibly long, they may shorten it to a nickname.

It's important that the paint stay wet so that the paint will transfer properly. 

I had great success painting one letter at a time, folding the paper, and then painting another letter, folding, and so on and so forth.   This way, the paint did not dry before I could fold it. 

I urge students to try to be symmetrical in their coloring or any additions they want to make (antennae, perhaps?) but it is also okay to allow for some creative freedom.  Glitter is a fun addition! 

When finished, display your student's Signature Symmetry bugs and show your students just how unique they really are!  This is a fun beginning of year activity, and is a perfect decoration for Parent-Teacher night.  For other symmetry ideas, check out this fun art project or this cool scavenger hunt