Teacher Trick: The Answer Ball

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All you need is a ball!  Not a hard basketball or baseball.  Choose a small beach or foam Nerf ball.  
You ask a question.  Students raise their hands.  You throw the ball to the student of your choosing.  They answer the question.  They throw the ball back to you.  Simple!  There are also variations on this method.  Read on below to find more ways to use a beach ball in your classroom. 
1.  Students like to interact.  There are many ways we can interact in verbal ways.  But how often do you find a way for kids to interact in physical ways?  When you have 30+ kids in your classroom, physical interaction can be a challenge if you have any hopes at all of keeping order.

2.  Students will pay attention!  They want to catch the ball, so they will listen more closely to the lecture, hoping to hear and be able to answer the question.

3.  Since the Answer Ball is only thrown to students who are listening quietly, it keeps the classroom atmosphere orderly and conducive to learning.

4.  It’s FUN! 


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