Teacher Trick: Shaving Cream Clean

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Use Shaving Cream to Make School Desks Shiny Clean!

If there is one thing I am good at, it's making chores seem like play time.  Seriously, you can ask my kids!  There have been days they have thanked me for all the fun (and I secretly smile, thinking of all the cleaning we actually did that day).

Some days we try to do all our chores on one foot, and other days, as soon as we finish a chore, we are supposed to sing a Mary Poppin's song at the top of our lungs.    

And then there was that time we made sock-matching a paid competition.  But that'll be for another blog post.  

One trick I learned while teaching is how to make cleaning desks fun.  At the end of the year, when kids are taking inventory of their textbooks and returning classroom supplies, the task of cleaning their desk is left for last.

So, when the entire classroom is put back in order, and the end of the year party has finished, and all backpacks are at the door to exit the doors for the very last time, walk around the room and squirt an apple-sized ball of foaming shaving cream on their desk.  (Really!  No need to break out the spray and the rubber gloves!)

Watch the kids scream in delight as they are given permission to squish the foam between their fingers, and spread the foam over the entire desk surface.  Watch how they write their initials and the phrase, "School's out for Summer!"  OR hopefully, Mrs. or Mr. ________(insert your last name here) rocks!  

This fun cleaning trick can be used at home, too!  Make cleaning fun!   Check out my other teacher tricks!  Magic Scrap is a game you can play to get your classroom cleaned up super fast.   Or use playing cards to help kids line up fast and quietly, or to randomly split them into groups!