Why We HomeSchool Our Kids

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I get asked that question a lot.  And I should start off by saying that we didn't have grand plans to home school from the very beginning.  It just happened.  I had a lot of teacher supplies and materials left over from my classroom teaching days, and so it seemed very natural to go ahead and school our children instead of sending them to preschool or Kindergarten.  

But then the time to enroll Liv into First Grade came upon us.  At the SAME time, we had multiple families around us deciding to home school their children.  

I still don't know if we would have home schooled our children if we didn't have that support around us of other families.  It really did affect our decision, though.  What I do know is this:  I am so glad this is the path we have chosen.  I am not an advocate that every family home school their children and I'm not trying to convince you to do so.  I celebrate all the different educational choices around us.  We are really very blessed to have options in this day, aren't we?  What a celebration that is!

Some of our reasons that we do love homeschooling our kids so very much:

1. We enjoy being there for the bulk of the "lightbulb moments" that happen when learning.

2. We are so encouraged by the seamless life of being together each day to wade through whatever that day brings...whether it be highs, lows, or everything in between.

3.  Our kids get to pursue their best-loved hobbies with all abandon.  Our girls even get to make crafts and sell them at an amazing local-owned craft shop, one whose heart is to encourage all artists, including kids, to create beautiful things.  

4.  I enjoy being with my kids. Even when they are screaming and chasing each other through the house, attempting to pig-tie each other up.  (PS: is pig-tie a real thing?  If not, I made it up.  But you get what I mean, right?  No?  Your kids don't do that?)  

But this.  This being together, young and old. This is the ultimate reason I love to homeschooling our children:

The sister relationships that our happening under our roof are by far the best reason we have found to homeschool. :O)  What are your reasons?