Compare - Premium Learning System versus Standard System

PREMIUM Memory System

TEACHES kids how to

STANDARD Student System

HELPS kids

Premium Student Dashboard

Premium Student Dashboard -

  • Zippy guides students through lessons
  • Coin Quiz - low stress rewards style quiz
  • Customizable Avatar
  • Awards and Rewards - Trophies & Treasure Chest
  • Stars to show lesson section complete

Standard Student Dashboard

Standard Student Dashboard -

  • FREE
  • Color coded lesson guide
  • Quick Quiz
  • Customizable Avatar

Premium Guided Lessons

Premium Student Dashboard - Zippy as Guide | Daily Coin Quiz - Instructional Videos | Memory Practice Activities |
Memory Check | Practice With Games |

Standard Lessons

Fact Navigator - Learn with Picture and Story -
Review to Remember - Understand the Basics |
 The main difference between the PREMIUM version and the STANDARD version of the lessons is:

  • The Premium lessons are guided.  The student is directed step-by-step through the learning process.
  • The Standard lessons usually need some direct teacher or parent involvement.  

Premium Reports

Fact Snapshot Report - Fact Growth Report -
Fact Accuracy Report - Fact Fluency Report -
Time Usage Report - Daily Time Usage Report -
Fact Time Usage Report - Historical Fact Accuracy Report -
Historical Fact Fluency Report - Student Composite Report -

Standard Reports

Fact Snapshot Report - Fact Snapshot Report -

Standard Reports

  • Fact Snapshot Report is a class summary of fact accuracy based on the last Quick Quiz.  You can see individual students, multiple students, groups, or classes.

Premium Reports

  • There are 10 Premium Reports that graphically display student growth, accuracy, and time usage.  Each is designed to help monitor and diagnose student skills.  These reports can be filtered by student, multiple students, group, or class.  They can be displayed by day, week, month or custom date range.
  • Fact Growth - Report of student progress over time. 
  • Fact Accuracy Report - Report of student accuracy over time.
  • Fact Fluency (Speed) Report - Report of student speed answering facts over time.
  • Time Usage Report - Pie chart of the amount of time students have spent: watching videos, practicing lessons, taking quizzes, and playing games.
  • Daily Time Usage Report - Where have kids been spending there time each day.  (Displays on calendar)
  • Time Usage Per Fact - Time spent in each area while practicing individual facts.
  • Student Fact Accuracy Report - A class display of student accuracy over time.
  • Student Fact Fluency Report - A class display of student fluency (speed) over time.
  • Student Composite Report - Six of the most popular reports combined into one.   

Premium Awards & Rewards

Award Trophies - Treasure Room Coins -

Standard Awards & Rewards

No Standard Awards and Rewards


  • The Premium Awards and Rewards are designed to help kids celebrate their progress and keep them motivated.
  • There are currently over 500 Premium Awards and over a dozen different treasure rooms.

Premium Avatars

 Ninja Avatar | Multiplication.comBatgirl Avatar | Multiplication.comSuper Hero Avatar | Multiplication.comQueen Avatar |

Fairy Avatar | Multiplication.comFireman Avatar | Multiplication.comCook Avatar | Multiplication.comCarpenter Avatar |

Standard Avatars

Boy Avatar | Multiplication.comGirl Avatar |


  • Both standard and Premium users can design their own Avatar.
  • Premium users have a wider choice of features including: Costumes, backgrounds, accessories, hats, and animals.
  • As a student earns more coins by practicing and taking quizzes, they earn more avatar features.