Premium Student Dashboard

When a student logs into as a student, they go directly to the Student Dashboard. The dashboard provides for lesson navigation and also links to all of the main features a student would normally visit. Zippy, an animated robot, guides students through the lessons.

Premium Student Dashboard - Zippy Guides the Learning

  1. Daily Coin Quiz - Taken daily to re-calibrate lessons.
  2. Green Lessons - Fact mastery. 
  3. Blue Lessons - Missed or skipped fact. 
  4. Lesson Stars - A yellow star represents completed lesson section. 
  5. Complete Coin Quiz - Quiz over all facts. 
  6. Treasure Chest - Earned coins show progress. 
  7. Avatar - Earn more features with more coins. 
  8. Zippy - Animated dashboard guide.
  9. Award Trophies - Graphic display of progress status. 

1. Coin Quiz - Daily Evaluation of Progress

Daily Coin Quiz |
  • Students choose from vertical (shown) or horizontal Coin Quiz format.
  • Students earn coins based on how fast they answer.
  • Enter answers with a mouse, the keyboard, or a touch screen.
  • The Coin Quiz will stop at a student's frustration level.
  • Zeros and Ones - A student only needs to get the first zero or ones fact correct to continue with the other facts.

2. Green Lessons - Student Knows Equation


Green Correct Lessons |
  • Lessons are color coded green if the student answers the fact correctly within the allotted time.
  • During the Coin Quiz, if a student misses a fact, it will be presented again as the reverse fact.  A fact is considered correct and the quiz continues.
  • Facts are also color coded green if the students correctly answers the fact a specified number of times during game play.
  • A student is allowed to watch the videos, use the Memory Practice, and take the Memory Check even if the lesson is blue.

3. Blue Lessons - Missed, Skipped, or Timed Out

Blue Lessons |
  • Lessons are color coded blue if a student gets the fact incorrect during the Coin Quiz.
  • The lessons are also blue if a student skips the fact or takes too long to answer it.
  • After taking a Coin Quiz, Zippy will be pointing to the first blue lesson a student has missed, skipped, or took too long to answer.
  • Even though Zippy is pointing at a lesson, a student can select any of the lessons. 

4. Lesson Stars - Lesson Sections Complete

Lessons Stars |
  • Each lesson has three instructional sections:  Videos, Memory Practice, and Memory Check.
  • Students receive a star for each section they complete to the lesson criteria.
  • Videos - Earn a star when they watch each of the videos to a set point. 
  • Memory Practice - Student need to spend a pre-set amount of time practicing.  The amount of time spent can be modified under teacher settings.

5. Complete Coin Quiz - Check Progress Over All Facts

Complete Coin Quiz |
  • This Coin Quiz is designed to be used as a pre-test or post-test.
  • The Complete Coin Quiz does not stop at frustration.  It presents all of the equations from the zeros to 9x9.
  • As in the regular Coin Quiz, a student is only presented one of the zeros and one of the ones facts.  (Unless they answer them incorrectly, then the quiz will give them more to get a complete picture of the facts the student knows.)
  • The Complete Coin Quiz will also recalibrate the lessons on the dashboard.

6. Treasure Chest - Coin Count Indicates Progress

Treasure Chest |
  • Coins earned are displayed in the treasure chest.
  • A student gains coins, but never looses coins.  
  • By earning more and more coins, a student unlocks more and more Avatar features and is allowed to unlock more games.
  • Other extended features are unlocked as a student earns more coins.

7. Avatar - More features with More Coins

  • As a student earns more coins, more avatar features are unlocked.  (We currently have over 500 avatar features.)
  • A student must click the save button for the avatar to retain features.
  • A Premium subscription unlocks special features including backgrounds, accessories, and costumes.

8. Zippy - Video Star and Dashboard Guide

Zippy |
  • Zippy is always here to guide students to their next lesson.
  • Zippy also guides students through each of the lesson sections.
  • Zippy also stars in most of the instructional videos.
  • He is a tireless instructor who is always available to help.

9. Award Trophies - Student Recognition

Award Trophies |
  • Currently, there are over 500 award trophies a student can earn.
  • A student can look at the trophies they have earned by clicking here.
  • Trophies are awarded for equation speed and accuracy as well as for quizzes taken and games played.

10. Avatar Name - Secure and Anonymous

Avatar Name |
  • The avatar name is used for security in all multi-player games.  (This keeps usernames secret.)
  • A student may change their avatar name in their dashboard.  A teacher sees and may modify the avatar name from the teacher dashboard.

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  • Automatically monitors, tracks, records, and reports
  • Engaging student motivators
  • All ads removed so games, quizzes, and activities display full screen

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