Premium Learning System - The Student Experience

When students begin using our Premium Learning System, we want them to make quick, confident progress.  To make this happen, we designed a "Student Dashboard" for easy navigation and a motivating way to understand progress.

Student Dashboard - Zippy is the guide

  • Zippy, the robot, will point to the lesson kids should do next.
  • After the initial Coin Quiz, even though Zippy is pointing at a lesson, a student may choose any of the facts.
  • Green Facts - show mastery
  • Blue Facts - show the need for more learning
  • Yellow Stars - Show each lesson section a student has completed.
  • Avatar - Coins earn students more avatar features.
  • Click here for more detailed information about the dashboard...
Teach Kids the Multiplication Facts
Daily Coin Quiz -

Coin Quiz - Evaluate Daily Progress

  • Student learning need: "Where do I start?"
  • Students choose from the vertical (shown) or horizontal Coin Quiz.
  • This low stress format presents one fact at a time.
  • Students earn coins based on how quickly they answer.
  • Students may use a mouse, the keyboard, or a touch screen.
  • The Coin Quiz will stop at a student's frustration level.
Instructional Videos -

Instructional Videos - Learn with Zippy

  • Student learning need: "How do I remember this fact?"
  • Zippy is the star in over 100 new animated instructional videos.
  • Memorize Videos - Zippy uses proven brain based memory strategies to help kids REMEMBER each multiplication fact.
  • Understand Videos - Zippy helps students look at each fact in a variety of methods to help them UNDERSTAND what the fact represents.  (Array, Groups Of, Number Line)
  • Review Videos - Each multiplication fact lesson also contains a short review video to help students review the memory picture and story.
Memory Practice -

Memory Practice - Anchor the Memory

  • Student learning need: "How can I make the memory stick?"
  • The "Memory Practice" lesson contains a number of activities that help anchor the picture and story used in our memory system.
  • Memory is reinforced with a "many and varied" approach to practicing.
  • Puzzles, "Find the Difference", and other activities reinforce the picture and story.
  • Students also earn coins for spending time practicing.
Memory Check -

Memory Check - With Picture Support

  • Student learning need: "How well am I doing?"
  • The Memory Check quiz is the final step before students play games.  It is designed to be another memory picture reinforcement tool.
  • Before students can play games, they must unlock 4 levels of the "Memory Check."
  • Each level presents the equation in a different form. (Reverse order and missing factors)
  • This quiz style activity offers picture hints to help students anchor the memory.
Games make learning FUN! -

Games - Fun Fact Practice

  • Student learning need: "How do I stay sharp with my facts?"
  • Student practice ONLY facts they know and are working on during their games.
  • Facts automatically adjust to the student's ability as they are playing.
  • Multi-player games allow kids to play against friends or kids from around the world.
  • Our games even the playing field.  A student who is learning the twos can compete against someone learning the nines.  (Neither will know the other's level.)
  • During multi-player play, students can also compete in addition, subtraction, and division to further even the playing field.
Monitor student and classroom progress with automatic reports
Play Cave run to practice the multiplication facts
Pogo your way to multiplication success
Practice the multiplication facts while playing against others in Road Rally
We have oodles of teaching resources for teaching the times tables!

Trophies and Coins - Awards and Rewards

  • Student learning need: "Wow, learning the times tables is fun! "
  • Students can earn over 500 trophies while learning the times tables.
  • Trophies are awarded for fact accuracy, fact consistency, time spent in different areas of the lessons, quiz success, and game play.
  • An award notification is displayed during lessons and games.
  • Coins are earned during quizzes, lessons, and some games.  Coins are never spent, they accumulate.  The more coins, the more benefits.  (More avatar option and games.)

Membership has Awesome Advantages

Use our Premium System to Teach Kids the Multiplication Facts
  • Individualizes the teaching sequence for each child
  • Automatically monitors, tracks, records, and reports
  • Engaging student motivators
  • All ads removed so games, quizzes, and activities display full screen

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