Using the Premium Learning System

1. Sign up for a FREE account (Teachers and Parents)

  • Sign up is quick and easy. 
  • We will automatically give you FREE access to our new PREMIUM teaching system.
  • You can choose the PREMIUM or Standard system.
  • Enter your email address, password, and school. (The system does the rest.)
  • Free access to the first 9 PREMIUM Lessons 
  • Prices for the COMPLETE PREMIUM SYSTEM start as low as $3.82/month.
  • Click here to sign up for the PREMIUM SYSTEM NOW!
Sign up for the student management system - Zippy, our teaching robot |

2. Enter your students or children

  • Add each of your students. 
  • The system will assign them a username and avatar name (For security).  

3. Students take a Quiz

  • Have students log into with their username and password. 
  • Each day, the system will give them a quiz that automatically adjusts to their ability.
  • The Premium System will give them a Coin Quiz (Students earn avatar features with coins).
  • The Standard System will give them a Quick Quiz (The Coin Quiz and Quick Quiz can be used interchangeably).
  • The average quiz takes about 3 minutes.


Premium Coin Quiz |  Standard Quick Quiz |

4. Students return to the Dashboard


Premium Interactive Dashboard | Standard Dashboard |

5. Instructional Lessons

  • Premium - Zippy guides the students through a 5-step, brain-based, learning process. 
    • Step 1 - Coin Quiz - Completed above, but a student can take a Coin Quiz at any time. 
    • Step 2 - Instructional Videos - Zippy stars in over 100 new animated videos (Memorize Videos, Understand Videos, Review Videos).
    • Step 3 - Memory Practice Lesson - Students have a choice of a number of activities that anchor the memory.
    • Step 4 - Memory Check - The 4 levels of the "Memory Check Quiz" are designed to reinforce the picture memory.
    • Step 5 - Practice with Games - Students practice ONLY the facts they know and are working on during gameplay.
  • Standard - Student click the 'Learn Tab' - Then select the fact to learn.

Standard Fact Navigator | Pictures and Stories | Standard Review to Remember

Premium Dashboard | Premium Coin Quiz |
 Premium Instrucational Videos | Premium Practice Lesson |
Premium Memory Check | Premium Practice with Games |


6. Easy Progress Monitoring and Reporting

  • Students, parents, and teachers can quickly check individual student and class progress through our intuitive reporting system.
  • Most reports can display information for all students, an individual student, multiple students, groups, or classes.
  • Most can also be displayed by day, week, month, or custom date range. 
  • Standard Report
    • Fact Snapshot - Student accuracy on the Coin Quiz and Quick Quiz.
  • Premium Reports
    • Fact Growth Report - Line graph of student growth over time.
    • Fact Accuracy Report - Color coded chart of fact accuracy over time.
    • Fact Fluency Report - Color coded chart of fact speed over time.
    • Time Usage Report - Color pie chart of where students are spending time.
    • Daily Time Usage Report - Color pie charts on a calendar showing time spent at different activities.
    • Time Usage Per Fact - Pie chart for each fact showing where students are spending time.
    • Classroom Historical Fact Accuracy - Color coded chart showing fact accuracy for the entire class over time.
    • Classroom Historical Fact Fluency - Color coded chart showing fact speed for the entire class over time.
    • Composite Report - Single page report displaying 6 of the most popular charts.
  • Reports motivate students by breaking learning into small achievable goals.
  • Click here for a detailed information on each report.

Fact Snapshot Report - Fact Growth Report -
Fact Accuracy Report - Fact Fluency Report -
Time Usage Report - Daily Time Usage Report -
Fact Time Usage Report - Historical Fact Accuracy Report -
Historical Fact Fluency Report - Student Composite Report -

Teaching Multiplication with PICTURES and STORIES

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We have oodles of teaching resources for teaching the times tables!

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