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With the monthly, bi-annual, or annual subscription, you will receive a learning program individualized to the needs of each child with progress reports and motivators. Your subscription entitles you to FULL ACCESS to our extensive learning resources:

A brain based memory system THAT WORKS! has been helping kids learn the times tables for over 30 years. Millions and millions of kids have used our picture and story method to master the times tables.

Zippy our Teaching Robot
Zippy, our teaching robot makes learning FUN

Our tireless robot Zippy is always available! If your child is just starting the times tables… or just has a few more to learn, Zippy will guide them step-by-step through any or all facts. Premium users have access to over 100 instructional videos.

Automatic, self-adjusting lessons, quizzes, and games

Our sophisticated equation engine uses quizzes, games, and activities to monitor and quickly adjust to your child’s ability. It recalibrates daily based on your child’s success.

Awards and rewards

We use stars, coins, and trophies to keep kids excited and continually challenged. The student’s trophy room showcases their progress while earning coins keep them motivated and gives them access to more games, cooler Avatar outfits, and extended activities.

Awesome games – immediate access to our newest games

Premium users have immediate access to our newest games. We also have dozens of games that only Premium users have access to.

Reports and parent/teacher feedback

We have developed a suite of intuitive reports that give you a complete picture of student progress. Real time and historic data are graphically displayed to quickly track student performance.

NO advertisements

Our Premium license allows access to all of our games, quizzes, activities, and resources without annoying ads.

Premium resources

You have exclusive access our library of Premium Resources. Printable workbooks, flash cards, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and more.

* 70% - Based on a study done by the U.S. Department of Education in 2008.  (National Governing Board, Mathematics framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Washington, DC: Author)