Using the Student Management System

1. Sign up for a FREE account (Teachers and Parents)

  • Sign up is quick and easy. 
  • We will automatically give you FREE access to our new PREMIUM teaching system.
  • You can choose for your kids to use the PREMIUM or Standard system.
  • Enter your email address, password, and school. (The system does the rest.)
  • Free access to the first 9 PREMIUM Lessons 
Sign up for the student management system -


2. Enter your students (Parents enter your children)


  • Register each of your students. 
  • The system will assign them a username and avatar name (For security).
Enter you kids


3. Students take a Quick Quiz


  • Have students log into with their username and password. 
  • The system will give them the new COIN QUIZ or Quick Quiz that will automatically adjust to their ability.  (The average Coin Quiz or Quick Quiz takes less than 3 minutes)
Students take a quiz to check progress


4. Students receive INSTRUCTION on missed facts


  • Based on the Quick Quiz results, the system selects 3 new and develops retention through brain-based learning strategies.  (Animated stories)
  • Student, teacher, and parent view results on fact grid display.
  • As facts are mastered, the grid keeps an easy color coded record of mastery. 
Student learn the times tables by watching animated videos of each equation


5. Student practice targeted facts with GAMES


  • For quick, effective retention, our games automatically adjust to a student’s ability.
  • Each game also is customized with a component to target the equations a student is learning.
  • Students practice ONLY the facts they have mastered and the new facts they are learning.
Practice the times tables with a free game


6. Easy Progress Monitoring


  • Students, parents, and teachers can quickly check individual student and class progress through our intuitive reporting system.
  • Teachers can print class and individual reports.
  • Reports motivate students by breaking learning into small achievable goals.
Monitor student and classroom progress with automatic reports