Multiplication 4 in a Row


Multiplication 4 in a Row - Multiplication Math Game

Content Skill: Multiplication    
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7- Fluently multiply and divide within 100. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.


Multiplication 4 in a Row is a fantastic way to learn the multiplication facts.  This multi-player math game combines equations with strategy.  Kids just can't get enough of this game.  Either play against the computer or play against other players around the world. 

We have to warn you, this game is hard to quit!  Keep at it. You can beat the computer!


Welcome Screen

The welcome screen acts as the game starting point.  From here you can mute all game sounds.  Hit the pulsing play button to get started in either a single player or multi-player game mode.

Choose a Game Mode

Choose to play either a single player mode or choose to play against other players.  The button on the left will begin a single player game immediately.  The button on the right will take you either a login screen or the begin match screen.  If you are already a logged in student using the student management system, you'll already be logged in.  If not you'll need to provide a username to log in.

Single Player Game

In a single player game the computer will choose a move immediately.  Each time it's your turn you'll be asked to answer a single question.  After you've answered the equation you'll be able to choose a move as well.  Be careful the computer is a very good opponent.

Single Player Game Over

When single player game is over, you'll see this screen.  The home button will take you back to the welcome screen.  The refresh button button will start a new single player game.

Login screen 

If you aren't logged in as a student you'll need to login to the game to be able to play against other players.  Enter a username you'd like to use.  Be sure to make your username appropriate.

Begin Match Screen

After a successful login you'll see the begin match screen.  At this point you're logged in and ready to player a multi-player game.  If you decide you didn't want to play in a multi-player mode you can hit the cancel button to be taken back to the welcome screen.  Otherwise hit the battle button.

Waiting for Opponent Screen

For 15 seconds we'll look for another player ready to start a multi-player game to match you up with.  If a match is found, a multi-player game will begin.  But first you'll get to see the avatar and the username of the opponent player.  If a match is not found, a single player game will be started instead. 

Multi-Player Game (Your Turn)

It's time to play.  Each time it's your turn you'll have 20 seconds to answer an equation and make a move.  If you don't make it in 20 seconds, the computer will make a move for you.  Just be aware it won't make a good move so don't count on it to win.

Multi-Player Game (Opponent's Turn)

Now it's time to wait for your opponent to make their move.  They have 20 seconds.  So it won't be long.  Think abount your stategy.  And enjoy!  Good luck.