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  • Multi-Player Games - School Firewalls

    • If you are having problems using the multi-player games from different computers, there might be a small firewall issue at your school that has an easy fix.
    • First, check the first screen of the game. In the bottom left corner, look for "Server Connection Established". It should look like this:
    • If it says "Server Connection Failed," that usually means you have a firewall issue. It's a quick fix for your network caretaker. Have him/her update your school's firewall or content filter with the information below.
    • The most common issue we see is a content filter needing to be set to mark traffic to our multiplayer server as safe. The server is and has an IP address of
    • This server responds to requests on TCP ports 80, 843, and 8080. Your firewall only needs to allow outbound (from the school to the outside server) connections on either port 80 or 8080 for the games to function. The multiplayer traffic is custom designed, and doesn't quite appear as normal web traffic yet to some filters, so the site may still need to be marked as "safe."
    • The change will present your school with no additional security risk as no new inbound (from world to school) connections would be allowed. Please contact us if you are having problems and we'll get it working.