Simon's Lab


Simon's Lab


If you're up for a challenge, Simon's Lab is your game. Use your arrow keys to move left, right, and jump through increasingly difficult levels. Keep an eye on the instructions in each level as they're all different.  And each level starts by hitting the enter key. Please note that this game is not mobile-friendly.


Welcome to Simons Lab | 
Step 1
At the opening screen, hit enter to begin playing a new game. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions at the beginning of each level. As each has a different objective.
How to play Simons Lab | 
Step 2
In each level, you need to move the red bar from up to down. You do this by jumping on it.  In the image above you can see that the red bar is in the up position.  Make your way to the door on the right to finish the level.
Different levels in Simons Lab | 
Step 3
You'll see the instructions screen before each level telling you what the new objective is. As you can see in level two, you must not move left. Here's a little tip, falling through the holes isn't necessarily a bad thing...