Set Students Up For Success - Memory Strategies

Memory Strategy 1:
     Use PICTURES to build strong visual associations

  • Our approach: We facilitate automatic memory with picture cues for each number and equation.

3 = Tree

5 = Hive
2x2 Class Activity
8 = Skate

Memory Strategy 2:
     Use STORIES to increase visual memory

  • Our approach: We use an engaging "fact story" as a positive alternative to "drill and kill."
  • Each story is also available as an animated video.

Memory Strategy 3:
     Use GAMES to motivate & reinforce learning

  • Our approach: We insure accuracy and fluency by breaking facts into small chunks.  We have fun games that kids enjoy playing to practice the facts.

Memory Strategy 4:
     Use assessment as a frequent feedback tool.

  • Our approach: We guide learning with frequent self-correcting "Quick Quizzes.
  • Quizzes target most recent facts, but include past review facts.

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