Teach the Times Tables with Pictures and Stories

Use the steps below as a guide to our online lessons and resources to help you and your students get the most out of our method.  Click here to reference resources and activities linked to the Common Core Standards.

Step 1: Watch the Foundation Videos

If you or your students are new to the times table, have them watch these two videos first.

Each of the lessons on the website include a section called "Understanding the Basics", which will help your students understand underlying principles of multiplication.

Please note: All the stories, methods, and resources mentioned below are available in our best-selling book, Memorize in Minutes: The Times Table.

Step 2: Meet Our Number Pictures

Our system uses pictures (like the ones on the right) to remember numbers. More on why this works.

2 = SHOE3 = TREE
4 = DOOR5 = HIVE
Two = ShoeThree = TreeFour = DoorFive = Hive
Six = ChickSeven = SurfingEight = SkateNine = Sign

Step 3: Choose a Fact

The Learn section of this website teaches each equation from 0x0 to 9x9, and each lesson covers six steps:

  1. Learn with Pictures
  2. Review to Remember
  3. Understand the Basics
  4. Play a Game
  5. Take a Quiz
  6. More Tips

Use the Fact Navigator to jump to each equation.

Our Fact Navigator 

Step 4: Learn, Review, and Practice

  1. Learn the equation by remembering the picture and story
  2. Review the story by playing a review game
  3. Practice by playing a fun game
Story with picture example, a tree with the number 3 in its leavesReview game example, a game titled jigsaw puzzlerFun game example, a game called granny prix

Step 5: Take a Quiz, Check Your Progress

Our self-correcting quizzes make it super-simple to check student progress.

Our online auto-correcting quizzes

Step 6: More Tips + Our Resources = Success!

Each lesson has a More Tips section with more useful tips and tricks. Beyond our lessons, we offer several free, downloadable resources:

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