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We have made an effort to put EVERYTHING YOU NEED to help your child learn the times tables can be found on this site.

  • Helping your child with the times tables
    • We have received thousands of letters and email messages from parents who have a child who is struggling with remembering the times tables.  We can help!  We have tips, tricks, and resources that have had AMAZING results with ALL children.  (Check out what parents and teachers have said about our system.)
      • My child is having trouble remembering some of the times tables
        • Step 1 - Find our what facts your child is having trouble with.  (Use one of the following)
          • Use the self-correcting Pre-Test located on this site
          • Print out the Pre-Test located on this site
          • Look at a test or worksheet your child completed at school
          • Ask your child or teacher
        • Step 2 - Choose a multiplication fact for your child to learn
          • To begin with, your child might be a bit stressed about learning all of the facts.  You can give them comfort by letting them know that our method uses pictures and stories to remember the fact.  So, 8x8 is as easy to remember as 2x2.
          • Within a few days, your child will be anxious to learn more of the times tables. 
        • Step 3 - Learn the fact
          • Use the Fact Navigator to go directly to the lesson for the fact.  Each lesson has 5 sections.  (There are tabs above the lesson.)
            • START - This section helps a student understand what the fact really means.  (After they have learn the first few facts, they can skip the START section.)
            • LESSON - The lesson will teach them the story and picture for the fact.  You might have them watch and listen to the video a few times.
            • GAMES - Have your child play a game to practice the current and preceding facts.
            • QUIZZES - Quickly check your child's progress with a self-correcting quiz over the current and preceding facts.
            • MORE - More information and helpful tips for remembering the current fact.
        • Step 4 - Learn MORE facts
          • Use the navigation bar to continue on to the next fact or..
          • Click on the Fact Navigator to jump directly to another fact.
        • Step 5 - Practice the Facts
          • Students love practicing the facts using the GAMES on the site.
          • You might want to use the games as a reward for learning a group of facts.
        • Other
          • Practice - To anchor the picture/story and develop speed, it is important that you child practices the times tables. 
          • Speed - To begin with, it will take your child a few seconds to remember the picture and story.  Within a few days, with practice, most children remember the answer almost instantly.
          • Resources - Click on the Resources and Our Books tab for more resources to help your child with the times tables.
  • Homeschool Help